Taxpayer funds should go towards security measures, not PR stunt

Taxpayer funds should go towards security measures, not PR stunt

In response to the eleventh hour candidate seminar conducted by the Secretary of State, Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Jim Harper released the following statements:

“With less than 50 days left to a General Election, Secretary Lawson has initiated a taxpayer-funded PR tour to talk about, without any major updates, election security.

“Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian– I think we can agree that actually securing our elections and ensuring votes are counted as cast would be the best way that the Secretary could assist our candidacies.

“Candidates across Indiana have been on the trail over the last year. Any last minute effort by the Secretary should be to ensure our elections are sound so that at the end of the cycle, each candidate can be proud to have put their name on a ballot and know that the results are clear. Utilizing available federal funds to upgrade outdated voting machines in many counties would be a good start.

“This last-ditch effort to garner press attention at a time when concerns on election security are yet unmet doesn’t serve Hoosiers who deserve a secretary who shows up all the time – not just around elections.”


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