Harper, Rutherford commit to debate, invite Lawson to participate

Harper, Rutherford commit to debate, invite Lawson to participate

Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Jim Harper and Libertarian Secretary of State Candidate Mark Rutherford issued a joint invitation to Secretary of State Connie Lawson on Tuesday. In a short, bipartisan video, the pair announced their commitment to transparently discuss the issues of the office.

“We believe that voters deserve the opportunity to hear from each candidate on the ballot this November,” said Harper, calling on Secretary Lawson to join them “to discuss how Indiana’s next Secretary of State can lead all Hoosiers to a brighter future.”

“Each candidate has a responsibility to discuss their differing views in an open forum, in front of all Indiana residents,” Rutherford continued “On November 6, Hoosiers will be the only winners if we appear together on stage to discuss Indiana’s future.”

The full video statement is available here.

Both the Democratic and Libertarian Secretary of State candidates have responded to numerous invitations to debate by outside groups who have requested that all three candidates participate. Having not heard from Secretary Lawson on the debate challenge issues last month, nor confirming her participation in other forums, Harper and Rutherford have committed to finding consensus between their campaigns to give voters the opportunity to consider their platforms.

Full details, pending participation of Lawson, are currently under negotiation between campaign staff and will be announced in the coming days.

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