Lawson dodges hometown debate

Lawson dodges hometown debate

Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Jim Harper participated in a candidate forum held in Danville on Tuesday night. The evening was comprised of candidates across the ticket and from multiple political parties. Shockingly missing from the line-up was incumbent Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson, who has yet to appear in a forum despite a host of invitations.

“I enjoyed participating in the forum at Danville High School. The students put on a great event, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my plans with Hoosier voters,” said Harper. “I am disappointed that my opponent did not show up to this event in her own hometown and has continually failed to attend public forums. As the sitting Secretary of State, Connie Lawson should lead by example when it comes to civic participation.”

Both Harper and the Libertarian Secretary of State candidate were in attendance and have formerly responded to numerous invitations to debate by outside groups. The two are planning to host their own debate, having not heard from Secretary Lawson on the debate challenge issued last month. Members of both the Harper and Libertarian candidate’s staff have been working to find consensus between their campaigns to give voters the opportunity to consider their platforms. They underscored Lawson’s failure to respond or appear at any public forum.

“Connie Lawson has repeatedly avoided public events in this campaign. Her failure to attend an event in her own hometown shows a particular hostility to transparency,” remarked Harper for Indiana Deputy Campaign Manager Ali Brown. “Voters are left to wonder, ‘Where’s Connie?’ Perhaps she was at the new ‘mini-estate’ that she purchased in Arizona this year.”

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